Documentary / 2006 / 5 min 4:3 / Hebrew, English ST

Documentation of a performative work by Dear Noga. A group of blind art lovers visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and several galleries during the opening of 'Loving Art - the Tel Aviv art season night' official events.

With Moran Shoub, Yochai matos, Renana Raz, Yoav Matos, Asaf Evron, Jack Faber & Gil Tevet.

'Most people experience art without being aware of the motives and methods of operation that turn a work of art into a commodified, monetary object. The visual art industry prefers to leave a lot of things unseen - like showing us a product in place of a process. We act as blind in their world.' 

(From 'Seeing Art - Blind Art Lovers' manifesto)