SUB PACIFIC FILMS is an Amsterdam based production company founded by Jack Faber. Merging cinematic practice and artistic research, the company specialises in researching narrative strategies and cultural frameworks by producing films and cross media projects which explore their boundaries.

From script to screening, SUB PACIFIC FILMS develops projects through all stages of production and post-production - initiating original documentaries, fiction and experimental films, while realising commissioned works.

Working with emerging talents and veteran professionals, SUB PACIFIC FILMS is collaborating to create cinema which challenges the notion of high production costs, suggesting innovative solutions and subversions to address production issues from source materials to post- production prices.

The productions rethink and incorporate the usage of low- and high-end technologies, on an ever growing range from drone footage to 4K, always searching for the most accessible cutting-edge means.

SUB PACIFIC FILMS is working toward expanding the definition of cinema creation by any means allowing the exploration of new possibilities, on and beyond the screen surface.